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        Vijay, one of the best astrologers in Vedic Astrology,   is committed to Vedic astrology provides Astrology predictions and online Astrology services. Horoscope predictions, birth chart kundalini analysis, muhurta, and compatibility are analyzed. Helping understand life’s purposes and destiny that makes life easy, positive, and prosperous. Get your online Astrology readings today. 

       Though there are many online astrology sources on the internet to find about the concepts of astrology, and about future events., the in-depth and accurate predictions given by the expert reader will always make the difference. We are committed and make it to the point. 

       Ind Astro Guru, an online astrology service, through the Indian Vedic Astrologer, is committed to serving in a better way to help one reach their life goals in a smooth, positive, and spiritual way. 

       We provide detailed reports on the interpretations with practical and spiritual remedies using various Indian Astrology techniques. Our predictions are personalized and can be related to the present generations. 

       To interpret and analyze one’s birth chart we need one’s birth details like date, time, and place of birth.  We use the Moon sign and Ascendant to analyze one’s charts, which gives in-depth and accurate results.

       Remedies that we follow and suggest will be in a spiritual way. Our approach to please the planetary influences will make a huge difference. These spiritual remedies are performed by spiritual gurus and priests.



Please Note:

Remedies are done only on your request. Else, we suggest and you can perform on your own. Results vary as per the traditions followed, environment, free will, desires, and belief system. 

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