Rahu Ketu for Aquarius

Result of Rahu transit in Taurus and Ketu transit in Scorpio for Aquarius Moon sign.

Result of Rahu transit in Taurus for Aquarius Moon sign

Rahu Ketu transit in Taurus & Scorpio Technical details- INDASTROGURU
Rahu Ketu transit in Taurus & Scorpio Technical details- INDASTROGURU

Rahu transit in the 4th house makes you feel attracted to your family, comforts, vehicles, and mother. There may be some obstacles now and then. You like to spend some time with your mother and other family members. You will enjoy staying at home for a longer time than usual.

People at home like you and seeks your presence. Respect from family members will be more than what you expect from them. You will enjoy comforts through family gatherings. May buy a luxury home or a vehicle during this transit of Rahu.

Rahu aspects the eighth house. This house represents the longevity, hidden things, oculus sciences, hidden knowledge, possessions of your spouse, and their communications.

You will be gaining knowledge of all these areas of life as you will be having an interest in these areas.

You like gossip and to learn and to know occult knowledge and will be interested in this subject for the next 18 months.

The 12th house represents the expenses, pleasure, travel, foreign travel, the end.

Rahu transit in the 12th house of the Taurus sign makes the Aquarius people get obsessed with these twelfth house things.

These people will be traveling a lot. All or maximum of the traveling proves to be useless or worthless at the end. Maximum travel will not have any aim.

This transit of Rahu gives unexpected and waste expenses. Some may travel to distant places from their birthplaces. Inclination towards the bed pleasures will be more than usual.

Rahu Ketu transit 2020- 21 for Aquarius moon sign- INDASTROGURU
Rahu Ketu transit 2020- 21 for Aquarius moon sign- INDASTROGURU

Result of Ketu transit in Scorpio for Aquarius Moon sign

Ketu, transiting the 10th house from Aquarius. The 10th house represents the work, business, career, profession, Etc., Ketu lets the Aquarius people detach from their work. They will be spending more time at home than at work.

Detachments from work and its environment are possible. You will be learning from your work and the people from your workplace.

The Ketu aspects the 2nd house of speech, communication, family, savings, and possessions.

Ketu will have its influence in these areas of you. It will affect your savings, communications, and relationship with your family members. Some of your possessions may lose now.

You will also feel it tough to express your real intentions of feelings.

Ketu also aspects your sixth house of daily routine, health, enemies, loans.
Ketu is a planet of detachment that makes us detached and gives us knowledge related to the house it is placed or transiting. It gives us new meaning and changes our perspective completely.

Ketu gives thorough knowledge related to health, daily routines, enemies, and things related to finances for the next 18 months starting September 2020. Your daily routine may get disturbed.

Note: The result or effects of Rahu and Ketu transit in Taurus and Scorpio mentioned are the general results for the Aquarius moon sign. This will vary according to the planetary positions and placements in one’s birth chart.

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