Rahu ketu for Aries

Result of Rahu transit in Taurus and Ketu transit in Scorpio for Aries Moon sign.

Result of Rahu transit in Taurus for Aries Moon sign.

Rahu Ketu transit in Taurus & Scorpio Technical details- Indastroguru
Rahu Ketu transit in Taurus & Scorpio Technical details- Indastroguru

These impacts are experienced more by the moon sign than ascendant.

Rahu transit, the 2nd house for Aries moon sign, affects all the things that represent the 2nd house of money, savings, communications, speech, limbs, family.

Aries people are seen obsessed with monetary and pleasurable things that make these people think extensively on the matters of money, communications, and about the relationship with the family.

Aries people desire and work on all these areas for the next 18 months starting this September.

However, Rahu will also give obstacles as these are malefic planets.
The speech may turn malefic, meaning that the Aries people may lie at times.
Obsession towards money and obstacles at the same time may make them lose or spend all or some part of their saved money.

Some get income from hidden sources as well. Rahu likes shortcuts, hence it makes these people find shortcuts in these areas. The results will be sudden and surprising.

Rahu aspects:

Rahu aspects 7th house from his placement. So, Rahu aspects Scorpio, the 8th house of hidden things and longevity. Gossips or backbitten words will reach your ears. Interest in occult, metaphysics, and research also increases.

The new texts say that the Rahu aspects 5th, 7th, and 9th houses, and these aspects are as same as Jupiter aspects. From the point of these aspects, we can also add that the Aries people may get obsessed in the areas of the 6th house of enemies, health, and loans.

So, it may make these people obsess about getting loans, which may make them work on their health issues. Make sure you are applying for loans for the right cause.

Rahu is a malefic planet, gives Aries people a lot of courage and strength to win over their enemies as well when the placement of Rahu and Ketu in the birth chart is ok.

These results are generalized. It may vary from person to person, and that depends on the placements of Rahu and other planets in the birth chart.

The 9th aspect of Rahu will be on the 10th house making Aries people desire more and making them obsess towards their profession, career, or business. These people become workaholic for this period and help to obtain power and promotions in the upcoming 18 months.

Rahu’s placement or aspect in the 10th house or connected to the 10th house of career makes one obsessed about their work.

Desires to higher up the career ladder and to attain power in work give them sure success in these areas in this transit of Rahu. Multiple opportunities related to career expected.

Relationships with foreign people will increase during this transit of Rahu.

Result of Ketu’s transit in Scorpio for Aries Moon sign.

Ketu transit in Scorpio in the 8th house to the Aries moon sign.

Rahu Ketu transit 2020- 21 for Aries
Rahu Ketu transit 2020- 21 for Aries- INDASTROGURU

The 8th house represents secrets, longevity, long term diseases, court cases, enmity, insults, distress, research, and everything that is secretly done. The 8th house also represents the spouse family, gains from one’s work or profession, etc.

Ketu is exalted in Scorpio. It is a spiritual planet, a planet of detachment which when in transit in the 8th house makes the one dig deep into things related to the 8th house. This also gives the knowledge of all these secret things of the 8th house.

The meaning of this 8th house represented things will be rewritten and give a new meaning. Delays and detachments are expected. Interest in spirituality, metaphysics, and the occult will increase.

Any work that relates to the 8th house may initiate now. As the Ketu is exalted in Scorpio, we can expect good and positive results. Aries person may research how to live longer and how to get out of fear etc., during this transit of Ketu.

Any malefic planetary placement in the 8th house is said to be good for longevity.

Ketu aspects:

Ketu aspects 5th and 9th house apart from the default 7th house, as written in the new texts of astrology and occult. The 5th aspect of Ketu will be the 12th house of expenses, pleasures, and travel. So, spiritual travels are expected.

Reduced traveling and expenses are seen during this 8th Ketu transit in Scorpio. Though there are traveling and expenses, it will be related to spirituality and research.

The 9th aspect of Ketu will be on the 4th house from Aries. This may make these people detach from home and comforts by keeping them busy outside of the home for long hours. The health of your Mother may make you worry. Problems with vehicles are seen as well.

Misunderstanding or lack of communication with family members are seen. Chances are there for the current rules to change at home now. You may need to follow the new rules.

You may be seen spending time alone. Detachments for any reason.

Note: The result or effects of Rahu and Ketu transit in Taurus and Scorpio mentioned are the general results for Aries moon sign. This will vary according to the planetary positions and placements in one’s birth chart.

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