Online Astrology Services

1. Full Reading- INR 5001/- (117USD)

Birth chart Analysis, 11 Divisional charts analysis, dosha analysis, remedy recommendations, transit analysis (personalized), upcoming year analysis (personalized), and anything that I think is needed for you.

2. One question- INR 501/- (9USD)

Detailed answers are provided with practical and spiritual remedy

3. Detailed Question-INR 1001/- (19usd)

Detailed answers are provided with practical and spiritual remedy. Max 5 followup questions.

4. Divisional Chart Overview -INR501/-(11usd)

Analysis of divisional charts.

5. transit report– Varies

Saturn: INR 1601/-( 35USD),

Jupiter: INR 1200/- (30USD),

Rahu& Ketu: 1501/- (40USD).

Package: INR 4000/-( 103USD)

Transit reports are personalized reports prepared based on your planetary placements for 1 or 2 or 3 years.

6. Dasa Analysis -INR 501/- (11USD)

Present dasa system analysis according to the planetary placements. Recommends remedies accordingly. ( Personalized)

7. (Compatibility)-INR 1001/- (11USD)

Match making analysis. Manually analyses the charts of boy’s and girl’s charts and recommends remedies accordingly.

8. Remedies Analysis -INR 501/- (11USD)

9. Gemstone Analysis -INR 501/- (11USD)

Gemstone recommendations.

10. Spiritual Remedies -INR 301/-(6USD)

WE WILL RECOMMEND, but WE WILL NOT PERFORM ANY REMEDIES. We don’t have any collaborations with any Brahman priests for now. May be done in future. Remedies related to the 8th house will not be revealed at any cost.

11. Remedies (current Dasa) -INR 301/- (6$)

No remedies are given for the dasa related to the 8th house. Instead, we will give its results.

It is advised by many of my gurus, not to reveal or perform the remedies for the 8th house. It is considered a sin which follows our karma for many future lives.

12. Muhurtham time analysis-INR 2501/- (39$)

Analysis of Muhurtham ( Auspicious time) for marriage especially is done.


  1. Every report is personally analyzed by me. I will analyze manually and it consumes a lot of time to analyze and to write reports. If there is a rush, it may take a lot more time. Hence I request your patience.
  2. Predictions given may be true to 60% to 90% depending on the accurate birth details we get from you. There is a free will above all, and the influence of one’s traditions, beliefs, and circumstances can alter the result.
  3. We need the seeker’s Name, Date of birth, Time of birth, place of birth to give them our analysis for any or all of the above-mentioned services.
  4. We request you to keep these details handy while you mail us.
  5. After receiving the payments, we take at least 4 to 8 business days to give your reports.
  6. Remedies are not included in any report just to avoid the confusion.
  7. Remedies are done only on special request.
  8. We invest a lot of time, effort, energy, and money to give the best to our clients.
  9. Software and other tools we use are very much expensive. So, please don’t bargain. No refunds as well.
  10. Follow our Blog posts for generalized transit results for each sign. Contact us
Kindly Cooperate.